Release 2020.27 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.27 July 8 2020
— enh (dkulp) Performance improvements with Video Preview window open, hardware video decoding
— enh (dkulp) Various performance optimizations in render pipeline, thread pools
— enh (dkulp) FPP Connect – restart fppd if outputs uploaded
— bug (keith) “Black Cherry Cosmos” shader not working
— enh (keith) Add a bulk edit option on file picker that lets you set the show folder
— bug (keith) Fix cube model with many strings does not take up the right number of visualiser ports
— bug (keith) Fix some crashes if invalid IP addresses/hostnames are used for controllers
— bug (dkulp) Video effects with “Keep Aspect Ratio” enabled take a long time to render
— bug (dkulp) OSX Sandboxed builds not able to download models or shaders
— change(dkulp) OSX builds are now all “Sandboxed” applications. This REQUIRES users to
go into preferences and reset all their preferences, select storage directories,
redownload shader/model caches, etc…
Expect some instability until the sandbox restrictions can all be found and
— enh (scott) Added Right Click “Auto” Wiring Options to Custom Model Dialog
— enh (scott) Added to Face Effect, Outline 2 uses 4th color pallet
— enh (scott) Added DMX Skull Model Node Level Support for “On” Effect
— bug (scott) Fixed DMX Skull Model Export
— bug (scott) Better Scaling for “Scaled” Render Buffers
— bug (scott) Fixed offset in PinWheel CW mode causing two arms

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