Release 2020.30 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.30 August 2 2020
— enh (scott) Added LOR S5 Channel/Stand Importing
— enh (scott) Added “bank” Controller Channel Checking
— enh (dkulp) Provide better error messages to user from VideoExporter if it fails to export
— enh (dkulp) OSX – Move to latest SDL, FFMPEG, and libzstd and make sure they are compiled for both x86_64 and arm64
— enh (dkulp) Support multiple directories for resources/media
— enh (nick) Bunch of fixes and updates to LOR import
— enh (nick) Improve resiliency of FSEQ parsing to detect corrupt FSEQ files
— enh (keith) Add multiple eye settings to node range face allowing eye parts to be defined as different colours
— enh (keith) Add xSchedule API to start/stop plugins
— enh (keith) Add command support to xSchedule plugins including one to remote falcon to set the active playlist
— bug (scott) RemoteFalcon crash if playlist is renamed/removed
— bug (scott) Fix Model Blend Default Off Setting not working
— bug (priemd) Fix some resize issues with boxed models
— bug (dkulp) Node selection SubModel dialog not allowing selection on OSX or Linux
— bug (dkulp) Fixup filename doesn’t work if anything in the path has non-xml safe characters
— bug (keith) Fix windows version check fails due to website restore
— bug (keith) Effect which should start/finish on a multiple of the frame time dont – leads to issue with vumeter not triggering on timing marks correctlty
— bug (keith) Fix DDP controller ids show as in error is invalid
— bug (keith) Fix some residual issues with protocol case
— bug (keith) Fix remote falcon plugin wont send large schedules correctly

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