Release 2020.36 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.36 September 12 2020
— enh (keith) Add a few timing track value curves
— enh (keith) Add support for public xSchedule web pages while securing core web site
— enh (dkulp) Add detection of ESPixelSticks with local FSEQs so FSEQs can be uploaded to them
— enh (dkulp) Use sequence metadata and media files sizes to determine if they need to be sent to FPP
— enh (dkulp) Add sort to FPP connect
— bug (dkulp) Change when FPPD is rebooted to avoid some race conditions
— bug (scott) Add back singing face support to DMX Skulls
— bug (keith) Fix crash on layout due to no protocol options
— bug (keith) Fix a number of S5 effect imports
— bug (keith) Fix an issue with lyric track paste that prevented them being copied and pasted again
— bug (keith) Fix snowflake effect settings are disabled when they shouldnt be
— bug (keith) Fix some shape effect anomalies

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