Release 2020.41 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.41 October 4 2020
— enh (keith) Rewrite star model so multiple layers of the same size actually work
— enh (keith) Add option to start a star model on the left or right leg of the star closest to vertical at the bottom
— enh (keith) On grid object in 3D display grid spacing in real world units if ruler is defined
— enh (keith) Add ability to disable rendering of individual effects
— enh (keith) Add ability to create a timing track from a row of effects
— enh (nickk) Add cut effects to row and model
— enh (dkulp) Have FPP look for media file using FSEQ headers if xsq not found
— bug (scott) Fix HinksPix Controller Upload
— bug (scott) Fix Controller Protocol Dropdown in Model Tab
— bug (scott) Fix On Effect with DMX Models
— bug (dkulp) Fix missing serial protocols prevent drag and drop on visualiser
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash on OSX if 3D object is selected
— bug (dkulp) Fix dragging 3D model it occasionally disappears
— bug (dkulp) Fix RGBCape48 does not allow 48 outputs
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash when dragging from outside xLights onto mapping dialog
— bug (dkulp) Fix some shaders that wont compile
— bug (keith) Display mesh models in grey if materials files are all missing
— bug (keith) Support xtiming files containing lyrics with quotes and other xml illegal characters
— bug (keith) Fix when changing controller protocol ID becomes really large
— bug (keith) Fix cube model strands when left to right is chosen are not the same as when front to back is chosen
— bug (keith) Fix crash with Horizontal and Vertical per strand/node
— bug (paular) Add DDP to WLED controllers
— bug (nickk) Fix when no internet access check for updates hangs

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