Release 2020.43 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.43 October 12 2020
— enh (dkulp) FPP – don’t upload UDP Inputs file if there are no UDP inputs defined/needed (DDP)
— enh (dkulp) FPP AutoConfigure on output – restore FPP mode when output disabled
— enh (keith) Add the ability to tag shadow models and suppress overlapping channel warnings
— enh (keith) Add some colour handling to Vixen 3 import
— bug (dkulp) Move all “Turn on outputs” and “Turn off outputs” to common methods on xLightsFrame to keep the button/bitmaps in sync
— bug (dkulp) OSX – when loading meshes, if mtl/texture cannot be accessed, query for access to the directory
— bug (dkulp) Add extra tracing to perspective loading to hopefully help track issues with it
— bug (dkulp) Fix obscure crash when changing away from Sequencer tab might cause recursive loop
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash with CustomModelDialog if background image is not a valid image
— bug (dkulp) OSX – Fix HinksPix export and FPP Connect not being able to write to mounted SD cards/volumes
— bug (dkulp) OSX – Fix ESEQ export not working
— bug (keith) Fix autosize does not work on LED panels and virtual matrix controllers – also stop visualiser
— bug (keith) A bunch of fixes for LOR convert
— bug (keith) Clear output data when clicking off an effect and outputting to lights
— bug (keith) Fix inactive ruler stops it measuring
— bug (keith) Fix star chops off top node

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