Release 2021.18 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2021.18 June 2, 2021
— enh (scott) Added F13-F24 Keybindings Support
— enh (scott) Add null pixel support to WLED
— enh (scott) Add Shift selected nodes to custom model editor
— enh (keith) Upgrade vamp links to v1.8.0 on windows
— enh (keith) Allow control over start point for layered arches to be inside or outside
— enh (keith) In sequences/lyrics download sort the items
— enh (keith) Add keybindings for prior and next audio tag
— enh (keith) Add keybindings for audio playback speed
— enh (keith) Remove default timing track when importing a sequence when only default exists, no timing marks exist and the import includes a timing track
— enh (keith) When adding vamp timing tracks default them to unique names
— enh (keith) When dragging effect onto grid highlight the model name we are on … makes it easier to see what row you are on on super wide screens
— enh (keith) Add Falcon V4 support
— enh (keith) Add ability to support more than 3 smart remotes on a controller – this is enabled for Hinkspix and Falcon V4 at this time
*** If you use A->B->C or a->B->C smart remote styles then you will not be able to regress from this version unless you re-set up your smart remotes
— enh (keith) Rework the way we handle pixel protocols in the controller connection to try to be a lot smarter about compatible protocols
— bug (keith) Fix shader float and point2d parameters not working
— bug (keith) Fix shader variables can clash with other xlights settings
— bug (scott) Fix visualiser crash if pixel port is over the max pixel port count

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