Release 2021.22 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2021.22 July 18, 2021
— enh (keith) Add -cs command line switch to run xlights, open sequence, run check sequence, close sequence
— enh (keith) Sort the saved subbuffers in dropdown
— enh (keith) Add xSchedule ability to trigger FPP v5 command slots
— enh (keith) Add the ability to save a default camera view for the layout panel which is used when xLights opens
— enh (dklup) Add xCapture to OSX xlights
— enh (scott) Added “Default New Sequence View” to Preferences
— bug (keith) Fix visualiser does not detect port too many pixels if all ports are used
— bug (keith) Fix zoom on node grids which can get confused
— bug (keith) Fix linked button preferences not saving on OSX
— bug (keith) Fix invalid characters breaks timing track display
— bug (keith) Reset windows to defaults does not reset test panel and visualiser
— bug (keith) Model/Row delete effects should not delete locked effects

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