Release 2021.28 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2021.28 September 7, 2021
— enh (keith) Add a check sequence warning about data layers which are uncommonly used
— enh (keith) Have face effect use the first assigned face on a model if the effect is calling for a face that is not on the model
— enh (scott) Highlight nodes used in other rows of submodel
— enh (scott) Move HinksPix upload to the upload API
— enh (scott) Added Layout Bulk Edit Options to set just protocol and Set Controller Port Number and Increment port number with each model.
— enh (dkulp) Allow FPP serial devices to be configured using USB controller
— bug (scott) Fix LOR S5 Start Layers
— bug (keith) Leave Pixlite in advanced mode after upload
— bug (keith) Catch attempts to upload to the wrong version of Falcon controller
— bug (keith) Dont switch falcon away from player modes when uploading
— bug (keith) Fix several issues using FPP connect to upload to Falcon V4
— bug (keith) Fix some Falcon V4 upload issues affecting long strings and serial output
— bug (keith) Fix falcon does not measure banks correctly if the number of ports is not divisible by 16
— bug (keith) Fix face effect image display not respecting image transparency
— bug (keith) Fix when switching between artnet and E131 dont allow universe to be left as 0
— bug (keith) Fix purged backups not consistently deleting files
— bug (keith) When converting from DDP to E131 with 1 channel we end up with universe size 1

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