Release 2021.29 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2021.29 September 16, 2021
— enh (dkulp) Update Twinkle effect to use different placement alogirithm if buffer is very sparse
— enh (dkulp) Keep Star screen coordinates as “floats” to provide smoother sizing/better display
— enh (dkulp) Add Inner Layer % field to star model to allow the inner models to be larger/smaller
— enh (dkulp) Add “Shaders on Background Thread” setting (Other panel in preferences) on Windows to enable running shaders
on the render thread. Defaults to off.
— enh (scott) Check firmware on the hinkspix is high enough to work with upload
— enh (scott) Added Opening and Exporting xmaphint files
— enh (scott) Add export of submodels from one model to other models
— enh (keith) Add hinkpix LR port number hints to visualiser tool tips
— enh (keith) Default new controllers to auto size, auto layout and full control as this is more common than manual setup
— enh (keith) Add some validations on FPP proxy usage to catch some errors
— bug (dkulp) Twinkle effect text should be “Percent of lights” as its a percent, not hard number of lights.
— bug (dkulp) email entry field not being saved on OSX unless some other setting also is changed
— bug (dkulp) UNC style paths for Media/Resouce directories had the first \ stripped off (and thus didn’t work)
— bug (kevin) Hopefully reduce some crashing on Windows associated with shader effect
— bug (keith) Fix arch model import throws error and places arch in the wrong place
— bug (keith) Fix several upload configuration issues for the FxxV4 – requires firmware build 5 or higher
— bug (keith) Add drop hint validator to icicles and polyline model
— bug (keith) Update star render buffer for single node stars so it better reflects the actual number of controllable nodes
— bug (scott) Fix FSEQ upload to ESPixelStick
— bug (scott) Fix pressing delete after selecting a group deletes the models in the group

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