Release 2022.08 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2022.08 April 12, 2022
— enh (keith) Better music/piano effect horizontal scaling
— enh (scott) Updates to effect search to use regex, other options
— enh (kevin) New “Sketch Effect”
— enh (dkulp) Allow ENTER/RETURN to end Polyline (request from FMM)
— enh (dkulp) Add “Remove Models from Group” to popup menu (request from FMM)
— enh (keith) New Controller Oriented test channel selection
— enh (scott) Attempt to auto-find singing faces files
— enh (scott) Several updates to Faces dialog
— enh (keith) Add tag color to model groups
— enh (keith) Check Sequence – flag invalide/missing background images
— enh (keith) Move some toolbar buttons around, reduce screen usage of toolbars
— enh (keith) State Effect – Significantly increase maximum states supported
— enh (keith) Select all timing events using right click on a timing track
— bug (keith) Only show default brightness and gamma on controllers that support it
— bug (scott) Fix Hinkspix Serial issues, move DMX to end
— bug (keith) Fix crash in check sequence with mesh’s with spaces in MTL files
— bug (keith) Some videos may not fully play due to strange way they calculate length
— bug (keith) Make backup of backup folder exclusion case insensitive
— bug (keith) State Effect – fix not rendering on first dropped
— bug (keith) Node layout for custom model with multiple strings but no indiv start nodes incorrectly shows the string number
— bug (dkulp) Fix Image Model transparency issues, make sure not “dark” on layout panel
— bug (keith) Reset to default waveform on load of new audio after custom filter applied

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