Release 2022.14 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2022.14 July 10, 2022
— enh (keith) Add a tool for remapping custom models to alternate pixel layouts
— enh (keith) Make random effect generation cancellable
— enh (keith) Add option to RGB Cycle testing to tag every 50th pixel
— enh (keith) Allow user dictionary items to override the standard dictionaries
— enh (keith) Allow visualiser and upload support for APA109 compatible pixels on a WS2811 port
— enh (dkulp) Add host specific media support to FPP connect
— enh (scott) Add backup restore process
— bug (dkulp) Fix some issues where multiple audio devices exist
— bug (dkulp) Fix some crashes where render buffer needs to be larger than model
— bug (dkulp) Fix fractal/ivy wave effect
— bug (dkulp) Fix playlist item duplication in FPP upload
— bug (keith) Fix some ripple parameter scales on S5 import
— bug (keith) Fix rotozoom order not saved
— bug (keith) Fix issue with audio file upload to FalconV4
— bug (keith) Fix export as custom model does not export depth
— bug (keith) Fix some duplication in transition time combobox behaviour
— bug (keith) Fix video reported as missing if using sequence media
— bug (scott) Fix colour error in sketch effect
— bug (scott) Fix issue with PiHat upload
— bug (scott) Fix fire effect crash
— bug (moc) Fix some issues with model state dialog

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