Release 2022.17 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2022.17 September 8, 2022
— enh (keith) Add xSchedule Remote Falcon option to send the first playing effect as the currently playing sequence
— enh (keith) Add SVG support to the shapes effect (some SVGs with gradients may have an issue)
— enh (keith) Allow optional disabling of more pedantic Check Sequence checks
— enh (keith) Disable autosave during render all
— enh (keith) Add shimmer support to matrix faces
— enh (dkulp) Update wxWidgets to 3.2/3.3
— enh (scott) Add M16-PI controller
— enh (scott) Added duplicate node custom model checkbox, doesn’t work with 3D models as buffer z is not used
— enh (scott) Add smart remote and model chaining details to DXF export
— enh (scott) Added Bulk Edit to Text Effect File Picker
— bug (keith) Fix picture files showing red as if there is an error when there isnt an error
— bug (keith) Dont use render cache for text effect if text is coming from a file
— bug (keith) Fix a bug with importing models and adding them correctly to existing groups
— bug (keith) Fix speed value curve reset on the video effect
— bug (keith) Fix brightness blend does not respect alpha channel
— bug (keith) Fix xSchedule adds multiple sequences in reverse order than expected
— bug (keith) Fix reverse video does not work for start positions other than 0ms
— bug (keith) Fix servo effect crash due to missing Nod channel
— bug (keith) Fix Falcon v3 upload leaves unused ports with invalid settings
— bug (keith) Fix hang if indiv start channels refers to a model on no-controller
— bug (keith) Fix crash when xlDo killed while executing a render
— bug (keith) Fix shadow model for errors which cannot be corrected through UI (on load)
— bug (scott) Fix WLED pixel limis and universe limits to match current capabilities
— bug (scott) Escape model names for xmaphints export
— bug (scott) Disable Universe Per String, when Auto Size is disabled as it does nothing
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash for some per model renders
— bug (dkulp) Fix DMX models returning zero size resulting in problems with centre calculation
— bug (cyber) Fix host name validation for controller reports some valid names as errors

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