Release 2023.04 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2023.04 March 11, 2023
— enh (keith) Add “Build a Light Show” vendor to prop downloads
— enh (dkulp) Add new K64D-B and K8-Pi controllers
— enh (keith) Add CMY support to DMX moving heads
— enh (keith) Add ability to zoom to the selection in the sequencer tab
— change (keith) Default ArtNet universes to 510 channels when discovered
— bug (keith) Audio does not stop when jukebox stops
— bug (merryoncherry) Fix some threading issues with Text/Shape effects on Windows
— bug (dkulp) In some cases, the logs on MacOS could not be created.
— bug (merryoncherry/dkulp) Fix some bad rendering with Warp effects
— bug (merryoncherry) Fix bugs with compress/expand of node ranges in SubModel node selection
— bug (merryoncherry) ValueCurves for Ripple Rotation were not working
— bug (MrPierreB) Metronome timing tracks were not available for import
— bug (scott) Fix background image crash on Windows

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