Release 2023.08 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2023.08 May 13, 2023
— enh (dkulp) Windows/Linux – redo OpenGL to be based on Metal architecture
– removes OpenGL 1.x support (retains OpenGL 2.x)
– Provides shading of 3D models similar to Metal
— enh (keith) Violin support for guitar effect
— enh (keith) Greater control of the wave shape on guitar strings
— enh (kevin) Allow customization of lightning width
— enh (dkulp) Don’t mark GPU rendering as experimental, it works
— enh (kevin) Add simple path re-ordering to SketchAssistPanel
— bug (keith) Dont show falcon controllers in FPP connect if in bridge mode
— bug (keith) Fix Falcon V4 DDP one based does not upload correctly
— bug (dkulp) Fix some DPI scaling issues on Windows
— bug (dkulp) Fix a BUNCH of issues with DPI scaling on Linux
— bug (keith) Fix duplication of face files in zip packages
— bug (keith) Fix multiple panels attached to on port in visualizer
— bug (scott) Fix import of some AC model effects
— bug (keith) Timing marks cannot be dropped by clicking waveform and pressing t
— bug (keith) Suppress controller name IP address resolution if a controller is marked as inactive
— bug (keith) Color multistring custom model nodes differently in node layout

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