Release 2023.19 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2023.19 Nov 4, 2023

— enh (keith) Add webp image support

— enh (dartunder) Add warning and make it easier to see that a model had a shadow model in visualizer

— bug (Daniel Hacquebord) Fix dark mode for shadow models in visualizer

— bug (scott) Fix AlphaPix upload

— bug (keith) Fix crash with liquid effect on large models

— bug (scott) LUA Script: Select Sequences and deselect highlighted does nothing

— bug (dkulp) FPP Connect: not uploading serial outputs from FPP Connect (worked fine from controller page)

— bug (dkulp) FPP Connect: not able to upload to FPP instances with UI password set

— bug (dkulp) Fix crash on MacOS with RotoZoom if GPU is busy

— bug (dkulp) Workaround some other common crashes, but underlying cause of crash still under investigation

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