Release 2023.20 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2023.20 Nov 15, 2023
— enh (scott) FPP Connect – Remove ancient FPP 1.x upload via mounted USB
— enh (scott) FPP Connect – Add ability to upload Proxy Controller IPs
— enh (MrPierreB) Selectively Offset parameters on remap of dmx channels
— enh (keith) Add a quick way to make a block of ports a dumb receiver
— enh (kylegrymonprez) Adding ability to adjust the frequency of the “Auto” eye blink
— enh (degracode ) Allow the Setup tab’s Activate, Activate in xLights, Deactivate, and Unlink From Base menu items to be used when multiple controllers are selected
— enh (keith) Add option to remove placeholders from submodels
— enh (scott) Make ModelChainDialog growable
— enh (dartunder) Show fpp connect results in status bar
— bug (djulien) Allow Preview to be selected when showing 3D models
— bug (dartunder) Fix delete warning for locked models, delete all models including locked after confirmation dialog.
— bug (dkulp) FPP String upload: don’t upload “DUMMY” entries
— bug (keith) Show smart remotes as 0-15 on HinksPix
— bug (dartunder) Fix undo for replace model command
— bug (scott) Fix alphapix upload
— bug (keith) Fix crash in Check Sequence in liquid effect

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