Release 2024.02 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2024.02 Jan 26, 2024

— enh (derwin12) Allow bulk edit of sketch effect bg filename

— enh (derwin12) Add preference to skip loading of preset gif images

— enh (derwin12) Handling pasting of network drive files

— enh (scott) Force “Don’t keep start channels” for ESPixelStick discovery

— enh (derwin12) Store imported shaders the same was as imported images/videos

— enh (scott) Try to detect FPP controller types during discovery

— bug (dkulp) Some fixes for locks/hangs when moving/editing “main thread effects” (Shader on Windows)

— bug (derwin12) Dont use render cache if using words from the lyric track

— bug (derwin12) VU Meter missing the last bar

— bug (derwin12) Fix faces download with faces in subdirectories

— bug (scott) Fix Falcon v4 discovery through FPP

— bug (merryoncherry) Fix video stuttering with some video framerates

— bug (derwin12) Fix some data entry issues with Waveform Filter

— bug (derwin12) Fix “number of effects” displayed for models on import dialog (it included submodels which display separately)

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