Release 2024.05 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2024.05 Mar 14, 2024

– eng (scott) Add some additional columns to controller list

– enh (cybercop23) Increase default size of Display Elements window,

– enh (cybercop23) Remove duplicate prompts for Save Alias

– enh (derwin12) Add “Color by word” option for Text effect

– enh (derwin12) Add sort by location to model groups

– enh (cybercop23) Allow inactive models to be deleted

– enh (derwin12) Add X/Y positioning to Circle effect when using radial options

– enh (derwin12) Face Dialog – sort and compress entered nodes

– enh (derwin12) Lua Scripting – expose the “Force High Definition” option

– bug (derwin12) Fix chapter bookmark display issues on Linux

– bug (scott) HinksPix – Fix overlap check and empy playlist name issues

– bug (scott) Fix crash in import dialog

– bug (dkulp) Fix several crashes due to effects with rendering disabled

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