Release 2024.06 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2024.06 Mar 25, 2024

– enh (dkulp) Update wxWidgets to latest patches to fix various Dark Mode issues and Mac docking issues

– enh (dkulp) Add Horizontal/Vertical By Strand buffer styles to SubModels

– enh (dkulp) Rename “Group all arches” to “Group all strands”

– enh (dkulp) Map old SingleStrand/SingleLine effects on SubModels to proper setup

– enh (dkulp) Update to c++20, requires update to Ubuntu Jammy

– enh (derwin12) Add Select/Deselect Highlighted to Tools Test dialog

– enh (derwin12) Add delete submodels to sequencer model right click menu

– enh (derwin12) Add color palette to Picture Assistant

– enh (scott) Test dialog – add some controller based tests

– bug (cybercop23) Allow state effect on SubModels

– bug (dkulp) Fix PolyLine single node style rendering

– bug (dkulp) BufferStyle panel not showing buffer styles for SubModels

– bug (cybercop23) Fix auto-map alias at SubModel level with spaces in names

– bug (derwin12) Clear the red status of the shader after downloading shader

– bug (derwin12) Fixes/Improvement to the sort model by location on Group within a Group

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New elf
Dec 7, 2020
love your work... but hmmm, now all my disabled effects are rendering
Disabled effects in :-
v 2024.04 - working - they dont render
v 2024.05 - broken - they render
v 2024.06 - broken - they render

i'll drop this on the github issue list for ya ;)