Release 2024.12 Released

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Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2024.12 Jun 23, 2024

– enh (keith) Add F48v5 support

– enh (dkulp) Add K2-Pi0 and K2-Pi-Servo (pixel ports only) support

– enh (dkulp) Add “Sync” checkbox to Servo panel to keep start/end in sync while adjusting

– enh (scott) FPP8 – Add descriptions to uploaded proxies

– enh (scott) FPPConnect – Tag/Remove xLights generated models

– enh (scott) Import/Export custom strings on Custom Models

– bug (dkulp) Visualizer should not show four pixel ports for controllers with only two ports

– bug (dkulp) Fix crash with layer names on SubModels with only one layer

– bug (dkulp) Fix value curve on servo effect

– bug (scott) Fix some issues with Hardware video decoding with Cuda as well as AMD

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