4 core security cable


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Jan 19, 2012
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Quick question probably with an easy answer. Cable has black, green, red and yellow wires. I presume yellow goes to blue on the 4 pin connector.


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Apr 26, 2010
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I dont believe matching colours is the best approach due to the inconsistancies of wiring colours from China

For intelligent pixels I always use Red for +V and Black for Common ground and then i use green for data and yellow for clock (if used)
For dumb RGB i use Red = red, Green = green, Blue = yellow and common return = black

So i keep to those two standards to ensure i have consistancy with all my different types of lights as some have black as the +v and others have red for +v coming out of the lights there is no consitancy coming from the lights, so i make it consistant by following the above rules with all my cables, if i just tried to match colours instead then im am risking mixing colours when i connect up to the power supply and controller.

So best to come up with a standard that you will follow, this way you dont have to check your lights to make sure your cable colours are what you want because you already have a dedicated cable colour standard and know what colour does what.


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Feb 15, 2012
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I read this and thought - wouldn't it be good if there was an ACL wiring standard for new installations?

Assuming the use of 4 core (red, black, yellow, green) alarm cable, Eddy's colour code is probably about as good as you'll get, but how about a standard for pin connections on the ubiquitous Chinese waterproof connectors? There's some info in the Wiki, but it's hardly a standard.

Personally, (I think) I'll be using:

  • 2 pin (2 core red/black h/duty) for pixel power insertion
  • 3 pin (4 core 14/.020 alarm cable) for pixel connections (2811)
  • 4 pin (4 core 14/.020 alarm cable) for dumb RGB
  • 5 pin (6 core 14/.020 alarm cable) fora variety of display items using 4 DC channels (or multiples)
I'm happy to reinvent the wheel, but if any of you have already come up with a standard, I'm listening.



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Oct 18, 2011
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well, I use the 14/.020 for 2801 pixels due to the +/- Grd and Da. That works for me.

When i get around to setting up power injection plugs, I think i will be using your suggestion of 2 pin connectors.

I keep a quick reference page for my own use at home, which gives me a visual guide of what colour for what property.

I have noticed however, that you need to be sure when it comes to the correct colours to and from strips and modules. (what goes in black, may come out red.)

Even with my quick tips page, I ensure that any time i solder plugs or leads onto it, I read where the wires are coming from.

I also have set up a test cord with alligator clips so i can confirm wire properties easily and also to do the final test of plugs i have finished.

Basically, any new batch of plugs i get, I test with a multimeter first and adjust my wire guide accordingly.

**edit** Im not sure if a standard acrross ACL is warrented due to the diferent types of cables, plugs, strips, strings and modules we use, but a guide is definately worth a shot to aid people