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A better way to drive LED panels in Christmas displays

Discussion in 'The Development Lab' started by darylc, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Aug 1, 2019
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    Hey jchuchla! I have been on a long journey with building an led wall. I have hit an issue that I cant find any answers to. You are the first person I have seen mention that they have a lot of experience in this so I wanted to ask you!

    I ordered a few 1/8 scan p10 panels that I got working wonderfully with my LINSN TS802D sender and RV908M32 receiver cards! Then my project manager decided he wanted slightly brighter panes, so I ordered some outdoor 1/4 scan p10 panels and I can not get them configured properly. D you have any answers or advice that would help me in my en-devour?

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