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  1. T

    BeagleBone Black playing videos or Rasperry Pi 4 to work with Hanson ME

    Hi All, I am really struggling with getting the HDMI (mini HDMI) output of the BeagleBone black to work with FPP. I have the FPP bootup info on the HDMI so I know the connection is working but it will not show within FPP as a HDMI output device I have the media files all linked and play when...
  2. rustybiker69

    Beagle Bone Black P4 Panels running low on storage

    Hi, Haven't had this problem in previous years, but my BBB that is running my Matrix is saying it is low on storage. I have moved FPP to emmc and I guess it is using that for storage. I have been including the P4 matrix in the sequence uploads from Xlights, so this is no doubt chewed up some...
  3. L

    Controlling multiple addressable strips without BBB Cape

    Hi! I am brand new to this forum, so if I am stepping out of line by posting this question please let me know and feel free to point me in the right direction of existing threads. I have been tasked with a rather unique project involving wearable led displays. Essentially, I need to be able...
  4. JCooper

    Help! Beaglebone with HE123 flashing all lights

    Hi legends. I have a Hanson HE123 with a Beaglebone black. Everything was running smoothly until yesterday, when all the lights went flashing (glitchy flashing). The only thing i had done differently was let it run all day as the BBB has a issue booting sometimes. I thought it might have been...
  5. JCooper

    Beaglebone black ethernet (eth0) not working

    Hi Guys, I have just started playing around with pixels and have a beagebone black cape (Hanson HE123). I have flashed the beaglebone emmc with FPP and everything works fine when connected with USB ( But, when I connect it directly to the computer or via a router, the beaglebone...
  6. NFI

    XLights to Falcon Player to BegalBone Black to Octoscroller P10 help

    Help needed please I have been doing Xmas lights now for three year using LOR setup and Pixel lights, and now moving forward would like to use a P10 matrix in my display. I have purchased a BeagelBone Black, Octoscroller and 4 x 32 x 16 P10 panels. I have worked out how to install Falcon Player...
  7. S

    P10 display problem

    Greetings, I am trying to include a P10 matrix (4(w)x5(h)) into my festive display on a Beaglebone Black as the display controller and FPP player. The main display is controlled by a Pixlite16 with static IP, and the BBB also has a static IP. So far, my LED strings and strips are responding...
  8. Matthew Thompson

    HELP - BBB Wont power up

    Morning all, I have programmed my MSD card and set my octoscroller up a few weeks back. I was able to log into the BB via the USB cable. This morning i hooked everything up to my P10 panels and turned it on and the BBB has no LED lights at all. Roaming through Google and have tried flashing the...
  9. S

    Playing audio through a BeagleBone Black

    Greetings, I have searched 'hi & lo' for a solution to the problem of playing audio when using FPP on a BBB. To date, there have been many varied answers. eg. Do I go for a USB audio adapter or extract audio from the HDMI (assuming it's not disabled)? I would like to know what solutions members...
  10. Sydney Mini 2017 - P10 LED Panel Matrix

    Sydney Mini 2017 - P10 LED Panel Matrix

    Presented by lithgowlights. Considerations when ordering from AliExpress suppliers, other types panel types, etc
  11. Adelaide Mini 2015 - BeagleBone Black as a controller

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - BeagleBone Black as a controller

    Presented by darylc for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 1. Uses for the BeagleBone Black as a controller, particularly to drive a P10 panel matrix with the Octoscroller cape
  12. darylc

    A better way to drive LED panels in Christmas displays

    This is a multi part post to demonstrate a new (currently experimental) way of running 'Panels' Background: In late 2014/2015 the Christmas community worked towards getting P10 panels running from BeagleBone Blacks via Octoscroller capes and driven by Falcon Player. The types of P10 panels...
  13. Falcon Player

    Falcon Player (formally Falcon Pi Player, FPP) does remote playback of your sequences without a using relatively expensive laptop/desktop. It is a solution to the conductor or director products. The Falcon Player (FPP) runs on Linux, which is on a Sing