Closed ACL 5050 RGB strip Payment thread - ends MAY 1st

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May 19, 2010
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alright guys, sorry for the wait but wanted to make sure all my numbers were right. So here we go.

Below is the spreedsheet with your total amount not including shipping. That will be determined down the road that way i dont over charge you in shipping. works out best this way.

please make sure i didnt mess any of your qtys up. also the price on the pcbs came down to 1.80 each:)

paypal info is fathead45 @ - DO NOT EMAIL TO this account, if you need me pm me.

Please include this info in the description of the payment or it will be refunded. This is the only way i can track in paypal.

ACL Username:Counntry:

this will help me determine how i ship. some have stated from austrailia that you want shipped direct to you. reason being all the tubes, that is fine. include that in the info above and i will get shipping info for that.

thanks guys



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