All effects missing in musical sequence since updating to 2021.12


Lights On Botanical
Jul 13, 2019
Hi all,

I updated to 2021.12 the other day and as soon as I did any musical sequence that I had created myself is now missing all of the effects. I can open up imported sequences and even static sequences that I created, however when I open a music sequence that I had done it comes up blank. I have tried to open up several back ups of the sequence and had no luck as well. I rolled back to 2021.09 which was the last version I had and it was all working perfectly and I am now having a similar problem. I was able to open up some of the back ups of the sequence and get the effects but not all all of them unfortunately. I notice when I open up the latest version of the sequence and click on sequence settings, it has reverted to animated and not musical. After selecting musical all the effects I have worked on are still blank.

Whilst I can open up quite an older version, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as I have lost quite a few hours of sequencing. I'll jump in zoom if need be, but I thought I would first see if anyone has had this issue before. There doesn't seem to be any issues with the mp3 file.


Full time elf
Jan 1, 2020
Portland, Vic
seems like something you will need to talk to the xlights devs about.

consider filing a bug report on the github.