Brisbane/Qld Brisbane Mini 2024 July 27-28

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Event date
Saturday, Jul 27, 2024 Sunday, Jul 28, 2024
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Friday, Jul 26, 2024
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New elf
Jun 4, 2024
I am really looking forward to this
I have just completed getting Vixen and Xlights to use an arduino uno over usb (Vixen was like 4 hours, and Xlights has taken more like 4 days)

I have to say that while only playing and wanting a more DIY route then commericial of the shelf - for ease of setting up Vixen is proving a better opten as to pixels and limitations hoping to learn more

Just 50 pixles I found Xlights very laggy and very picky on setup and coding VS Vixen was a straight forward easy setup

Christmas Props Aus.

Apprentice elf
Jan 1, 2020
Fantastic news. Looking forward to meeting you. I love that you brought the GE line of props to Aus. Daft question, but if we were to order any props, would there be an option for collection at the mini?
It just depends on what you are looking for but yes I am bring items down for people. We are currently about 4 weeks behind schedule but if I have it in stock not a problem