Butane Soldering Iron Advice


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Jan 5, 2014
It's awesome. I love it. I'm kinda invested in the brand thought, drills, sanders, mower, blower etc, so it made sense to me as the battery is separate. I got the one with temp control, the big one. :)
I am glad someone has a good run with them. I will never buy a ryobi again. I have in the past had drop saws, circular saws, drills, grinders, sanders and not 1 has lasted, every single one has broken down and thrown out, usually within months of it's warranty running out.
Back to the soldering iron though, the comment about the gas by big willy is true, in that a cheap gas one would work great for hobby use and you just need to be careful but that is the same with any tools. I was in the repair industry for many years and I have used all types. Up until recently I had a cheap gas one that if it wasn't for the tip finally wearing out, I would still have after 20 years! The weller ones were great but were a lot bigger, the small one I had was small enough to fit in your pocket and had a cap to go over it to protect the tip and had a clip to clip to your pocket. It would heat up almost instantly so no waiting around when doing a quick repair.


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Nov 15, 2019
From an auto electrician there are few options, your budget is already set in this field for decent to top of the range and that is $150 - $400... so for gas Portasol is the only one I will use they come rebranded in a few other brands (Snap-on, Sidchrome etc) and range from $150 - $180. I only use gas as back up these days as you learn up under a car dash how bad they are! I now use battery and won't go back. Endevour tools do an awesome 30w rechargeable for $150 and a 50W for $190 (can also buy plastic weld kit too), Milwaukee is $250 for their kit but is 80W and gets HOT, For the top of the range pro product is Ausie Rechargable Irons they have a few in their range and go for $250 - $400 and they just can't be beat plus Australian made. I use both endeavour and Aussie irons and for the money Endeavour are fine the tips can break as its Bakelite plastic vs Aussi Irons alloy construction. My Aussie Iron is an older one without interchangeable tips so Endeavour has won over that but its changed now!