Bypassing Voltage Reg's - Pros/cons?


Suburbs of Philadelphia
May 16, 2010
Pottstown, PA USA
So here's the hitch, purchased the RayWu DMX DC27, and I want to run 5v instead of the required 7.5-24. I am guessing, it needs to be the 7.5v because of the voltage from the volt drop in the LM1575 Reg. I want to be able to try and use it with 5v LED's, so my thought, and a idea from another person, is too directly jumper 5v from the input to PIN2 (vOut), so processor still has 5v, and now the triacs are at 5v. We have tested it, and does work, with out causing a fire yet.

Does anybody have anything good/bad about doing this? Wondering if it would cause problems back-feeding the caps and reg, and may cause possible melt down?

Here is the spec on the Reg on the board:

Thanks, Chuck