cheap option for LOR CCR

bright spark

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Mar 14, 2011
OK, the controller still works on the real CCR, tried swapping data and clock around just to be sure, and nothing happened. So all in all I dont believe this is a good solution if you are trying to stay within the LOR world. If you want to go to a DMX world then why the hell would you want to use the CCR controller when you could just get the correct controller for the type of strip you are using and save yourself the stuffing around.
Thanks guys for following along with this, nothing gained if we didnt try.
I'm off to santa's workshop, bye for now.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Sorry to hear that it is not a good result for you but i understand what your saying. For me i already had 8 CCRs from last year but this year i intend to drive those strips with a more centralized approach using a E1.31 pixel controller and then i want to use my CCR controller with the 6803 rectangular modules for some distributed items im building. I will do further testing with the modules and the strip i get this time from Ray.