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Controller question

Discussion in 'Computers, Cabling & Other Miscellaneous Hardware' started by color color color, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. color color color

    color color color New Elf

    Jan 4, 2017
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    New everything, new to this site and pretty new to the activity.
    When buying equipment I like to be informed to the point of overkill. Info on a lot of this equipment leaves a lot to be desired. What are the differences between t-1000, t-1000s and t-1000b? Thanks all. Am both excited and apprehensive about getting deeper into this activity. ???
  2. franky_888

    franky_888 Apprentice Elf

    Dec 31, 2013
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    Welcome to ACL!

    I don't think you'll find many here that use those controllers. Found the following info on an Ebay listing:


    T-1000 System Features:
    1,32 level -65 536-level grayscale control, software Gamma correction processing.
    2, support a variety of point, line, surface light source, supports a variety of rules, shaped handle.
    3, the controller outputs a single port, available with 1024/2048 lights.
    4, a single line control, play content stored in the SD card.
    5, hold up to 16 files, multiple files were copied to the SD card can be
    6, stored in the SD card's effect should be named: 00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.

    1、T-1000S System features
    1、32—256 Gray,Support software Gamma correction
    2、Support the rules and special-shaped handle.
    3、Single-port output,can support 2048 lights。
    4、Off-line(SD Card) control, play back content stored in the SD card.
    5、T-1000S store a maximum of 16 programs,copy multiple files to the SD card in order, after formatting the SD card as “FAT” format.
    6、The program must be named in orders . Ex. :00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.
    7、Compatible with single line or double line chips.

    T-1000B System Features:

    1) 32—256 Gray level,Support software Gamma correction

    2) Support the rules and special-shaped handle
    3) Single-port output, can support 2048 pixels
    4) Off-line(SD Card) control, play back content stored in the SD card
    5) T-1000B store a maximum of 16 programs,copy multiple files to the SD card in order, after formatting the SD card as “FAT” format.
    6) The program must be named in orders . just as :00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.
    7) Compatible with single line or double line chips.
    NOTE1. When T-1000B controller control less than 512 lamps the frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-1000B control more than 512 lamps and less than 2048 lamps the frame rate will slow down automatically.
    2. T-1000B must use the new software LedEdit 2012.

    Supported pixel types are also listed under that ebay listing which there does appear to be vast differences between them.

  3. i13

    i13 Senior Elf

    Jul 5, 2013
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    Being informed to the point of overkill is a good idea.

    It looks like the difference between those is in the types of pixels that they support.

    It would help to have a bit more information on what you want to do with pixels. If you want a computer controlled Christmas display with music then something with E1.31 input would be a more suitable choice.
  4. battle79

    battle79 Full Time Elf Generous Elf

    Dec 8, 2012
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    Chirnside Park, Victoria, AU
    They may be great controllers, but personally I'd avoid them.

    My main concern would be that every issue you had you would be on your own to solve, as not many people use them and the language barrier with the supplier could also become an issue.

    We have many options for controllers:-

    Advatek - Australian Company, Great customer service, http://www.advateklights.com/
    Falcon Controllers - US Company, Also great customer service, https://www.pixelcontroller.com
    J1Sys - US Company, good products, maybe a little behind now in designs, http://www.j1sys.com/

    I'm sure I'm forgetting one that people will point out.

  5. fasteddy

    fasteddy I have C.L.A.P Global Moderator Generous Elf

    Apr 26, 2010
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    Albion Park NSW
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    Im like the others and strongly recommend against these mainly because if you are going down the DIY path then you have good support in the forums if you use something that others are using
  6. OP
    color color color

    color color color New Elf

    Jan 4, 2017
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    Gosh, fast responses. I will consider every ones advice. Did not even consider e-bay as a source for info.
    The adventure I'm considering is adding a WS2811 pixel tree to my display. Brian at Holiday-Light-Express has been advising me but frankly, I'm not ready for the time and cash commitment of the highly technical computer programmed/controller synced display.
    Are there other options out there that would work instead of the stand alones like the T-1000? I built a Marty Fan using 800 LED's and added one of those small green stand alone controllers, had the 8 sections chasing up and back at different speeds. Was neat and fun but left me wanting more.
    Thank you guys. I'll head up to the other thread to introduce myself.

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