Converting from LOR


New elf
Oct 3, 2018
Hi gurus,

I've spent the past few years building up LOR assets like controllers, S5 software and pixels because I wanted a simple and easy show (yes I know, too late). I'm now starting to look at xLights because I am hitting some limitations in what I can do with the LOR software. It's also very clunky when you want to use their "superstar sequencer" add in. But based on a week of playing around I am having second thoughts.

I've started some basic work to get a Pixie2 controller working but I am concerned if I invest a lot of time and effort 'converting' all my sequences to xLights that I might have some 'show stopper' issues. For example, I have a CMB24D (24 channel controller for 8 RGB floods) and I cannot see how to add this in. I also would love to simply import my sequences to xLights rather that recreate them to save a lot of work. I read that sequences that use the 'motion' effect (which I use a lot of) won't work.

I've scoured these forums, online videos, xLight help files. It's all fairly limited in helping someone who has a lot of pretty new LOR assets.

I'm interested to find someone who has recent (e.g. version S5) work done in LOR with LOR assets/controllers (multiple Pixie16/ 8, CMB24D) etc. and has sucessfully moved over to xLights. I'd probably pick your brain a lot so if you don't want me asking you questions, probably don't reply :).

I'm going to the EXPO this weekend but there isn't a lot on this topic of course so posting here. Maybe if you are going to the EXPO I can chat with you there.

Thanks in advance!


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Dec 29, 2021
Hey Slam just like you I'm looking to do the same thing.

We run 16 LOR AC boxes, one dumb RGB tree, one dumb RGB arches, and one Pixie 4 set of arches. Like you I'm looking to go down the rabbit hole with Xlights. Can you share your experience? I'm thinking of approaching this as building a separate PC, and doing the conversion on the new PC. Then running the show on the new PC so that I don't affect the current show. I did find this video on how to set up the configuration, and trying to learn before spending funds.

Other issues I might see down the road is that our show spans across four homes so doing any sort of preview will be difficult. Also we aren't even on S5 in LOR since this is technically my neighbor's show. I just sort of took over the programming side of it. I did find this video on how to do it: View:

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!