CT305R 3CH DMX controller with IR remote - review


Apprentice elf
Dec 30, 2010
Castle Rock, Colorado
I recently bought this 3CH DMX controller from Ray Wu, because I wanted to see what it could do.

The shipping was basically free since I was already buying other items.

This controller performs very similarly to the $8 3CH DMX controllers that are commonly discussed. IN fact, in my very unscientific testing using LSP 2.0 it appears as though the performance is better, smoother and with less artifacts during playback.

It is nice in that it also has DMX in and DMX out RJ45 jacks, has easy connect screw-on jacks for hooking up 4-wire RGB modules and 2-wire 12v power supply.

It also can have its DMX address set to 1-512 using the dip switches on the side (see manual link above).

The unit is made out of nice black painted metal, has nice notches on either side for surface mounting and appears to be of good quality. It is not waterproof. It has a hole in the side, which might also allow for an IR extender to be added?

It appears to be sold in various models and price points ... but this was basically the bottom of the line model I bought, just to see what it could do.

The remote control is very small approx 1" x 3" and allows you toggle between DMX/Remote mode ... and can also control spped, brightness, fade and 5 presets. On the first preset, P1, it just cycles between each color for each time you press it. It runs on a small 3v lithium battery. THe remote itself is cheap plastic and if the battery is inserted backwards, the remote can easily begin to break apart.

The range is dependent upon line of sight and appear to be IR. I was able to control from several rooms away, provided I had a clear line of sight. As soon as I stpped in front of a clear window, it did not work. Anyways, the controller itself works well and has an input rated for 12-24v and 5A x 3RGB, or 15A max.
I was able to run off a 12v LiON battery with no issues.

I'm not sure what the application for this controller might be, but I was thinking about possibly having it control modules outside, which could later be controlled by a lightshow ... but in the off season, might be controlled via. a remote instead?

Other thoughts would be a crude interface for guests to perhaps activate a display item from an interactive display.






Grandpa Elf
Community project designer
Jun 12, 2010
Victoria Point (Brisbane)
Nice find. The hole next to the DIP switch is the IR receiver module. Depending on the carrier (modulation) frequency the remote uses, an IR extender like you'd use for TV / HiFi should work.