D705 pixels on an ECG-PIXAD8


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Jun 12, 2010
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I received some D705 pixels from another member last weekend and I was curious to see what it would take to drive them. It is listed as a 5-bit device, so I compared the data sheet with the LPD6803.

Not seeing any real difference in the protocol, I set it up on my PIXAD8's output with it set for 6803 protocol and 750KHz rate. Well, what do you know, it worked! :)

So, it seems (from my limited testing of 19 pixels) that the PIXAD8 can drive the D705 based pixels just fine. Thought I'd post the results as there may be pixel styles that you want to use with your PIXAD8, and that are only available with the D705 chip inside.


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Apr 26, 2010
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A question was asked in chat today regarding the D705 pixel IC and its support, i actually had forgotton about this thread which David kindly pointed out to me and it seems that this has indeed been tested and proven to work with the 6803 protocol which means it should work at least with a ECG-PIXAD8 and ECG-PR12 and most probably with the E680/1.