Enclosure - "CordTech Outdoor Power"


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Jan 16, 2018
I was making what seems like a daily trip to a certain big green shed hardware shop this time of year and noticed some of these "CordTech Outdoor Power" Weather Resistant Boxes / Enclosures.

I was having a quick look and they seemed ok, some nice features like a rubber seal, removable cable entry etc and thought these may be ok for say remote differential receivers and PSU etc.

They also come with what appears to be a cheap power board and timer.

View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmb8jwf9mjh53lp/Photo%2014-11-19%2C%2010%2044%2013%20am.jpg?dl=0

View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sn5eqpivtpfs2jr/Photo%2014-11-19%2C%2010%2050%2010%20am.jpg?dl=0

So thought yep nice amount of room for a PSU and differential receiver , needs some vents and fan but could ok and handy as available locally.

Thought I would do the usual quick waterproof test it does say "Weather Resistant" IP54 and as per google

IP54Protected from limited dust ingress.Protected from water spray from any direction.
The box has some mounting points on the back so it can be vertical mounted on a fence or post etc so did a bit of a test with the hose in a vertical position.

View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/voeuikqwcno8821/Photo%2014-11-19%2C%2010%2053%2035%20am%20%281%29.jpg?dl=0

Um not so good by the looks of it, I use a piece of paper shop towel when doing quick tests like this as it quickly shows if any moisture gets inside.

View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7e4hm8579s2v22/Photo%2014-11-19%2C%2012%2038%2041%20pm%20%281%29.jpg?dl=0

So though ok, will try it with the enclosure sitting flat on the ground and thought that may be better.

View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7zaoodiulxgehx/Photo%2014-11-19%2C%2012%2037%2047%20pm%20%281%29.jpg?dl=0

Umm not so good again

View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9eg6hxfuca4ys0p/Photo%2014-11-19%2C%2010%2056%2044%20am.jpg?dl=0

Now these are not comprehensive tests etc just what I noticed and I may have got a dodgy one and they may be fine for other purposes.

I am just trying to say, it pays to do a little check if you are going to use any type of enclosure outside.

Shame about these ones as they did look promising with some nice features at a reasonable price and they may be good if you have them located in a protected area away from direct rain (or my garden hose :) ).

Note: I have done similar quick tests on some of the other type of encloses I use and the seem to be ok and pass my garden hose test.


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Jun 12, 2016
I bought some of these from Masters before they closed for under $10 each. Can't justify the price Bunnings is selling them for. Sealed mine up with some tape and haven't had any water ingress issues.


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Dec 27, 2010
Got a link for these? They look like the Masters boxes which didn't come with a powerboard and timer though but did have the matching leaks though I believe.


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Dec 27, 2011
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Ahh yes, the "Masters" boxes. I have a few of them, and these are the original reason why I have coro presents covering them to keep any actual water off of them. I do have one on Ruprects megatree that is mounted to the pole but I tape up the lid gap on this as a precaution.


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Dec 8, 2012
they are good for housing power boards/extension cord joins etc. I also use one to house my fm radio that drives my speakers, it's showing quite some UV damage after a few years. I'd avoid putting high cost items in them unless you are careful.


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Mar 31, 2019
Jimboomba, Queensland
you can also get the 'plain box', without the timer and power board for just under $20 too.

I've had one out in my yard for 2 years now, and you can see how the UV is affecting it.

Haven't had the same ingress of water problem that others have had with them.


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Dec 30, 2018
Auckland, NZ
I got one of these, water ingress and an ants nest inside. A lick of tape around the lid gap and that solved it. Like what Daryl said, I wouldn't put expensive things in them.
Maybe putting a bead of silicone underneath the original rubber seal will make a tighter seal.

I liked this style for holding the cords when its opened, my other boxes don't.


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Dec 31, 2014
The Masters boxes were very slightly different to the old Bunnings (Click branded) ones. I use about eight of these sort of boxes both for protected 240V power distribution, and as control boxes for DMX2-18's and Pixlite LR boards. I haven't had any electrical surprises with them. There is a similar green box available at Jaycar, which buckled terribly in the sun. I do take care to make sure the lid closes properly, and if in doubt tape the bugger up.


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Dec 10, 2010
I have 10 of the masters boxes with Ray Wu 27ch controllers in them, will try re purpose them now, but I also have a couple boxes from Bunnings for housing power boards as well, I haven't tested their weather resistance as I try to keep them as sheltered as possible, I have 2 mounting spots which are under my front pergola behind a timber feature wall, (Red Square in picture) and another behind a timber feature wall but still under the eave of the house, (Green Square) haven't planned too much yet for 2020 but hoping I can get away with having everything in 1 of 2 of these spots, if I need too I have a 3rd timber feature wall out further in the yard which is not under cover so will need some more protection, but boxes will still be out of sight. (Blue Square)