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Dec 27, 2010
Today I was slack. Not Aramex slack but me slack. I had a few deliveries to go out but had to fix invalid inlaws heater and then do some gardening for my invalid parents. There seems to be a theme there :/ . After doing those jobs I wasn't motivated to spend the remaining 45 minutes of the day to trying to pack up a couple of deliveries and get them out the door. Instead I have spent about 4.5hrs on soldering and assembling boards. This early in the year I do occasionally miss doing a mail run but it will always go out the following day at the latest. Later in the year I've been known to do 2 mail runs in the day if something comes in late and I have time to get it out.
I actually joined an Aramex complaint page on FB recently after having several absolute shocker incoming deliveries. I had a parcel from Melbourne that took weeks because it went via Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville. I did get an sms from Aramex Townsville to say my address in Central Vic is outside of their delivery area so I would have to arrange to pick it up. 3 days later it finally made it to me :(
My previous AusPost parcel delivery guy was an absolute legend. Sadly he lost the contract when he was outbid by the clown that is doing it now. He generally does deliver the same day he picks the parcels up at the mail centre even if sometimes it's after 6pm when he delivers. He doesn't knock or ring. He will just leave the parcel and go. At least my local Fedex guy will give a toot as he comes up the drive. If he has several parcels onboard for me he will often ring to confirm that I am home. Unfortunately for me he is a local and my deliveries are generally in the last few of the day as he returns home often direct from my delivery. It sucks somewhat when the depot is 3km away and you wait 8hrs from when you get the notification that it's coming today.