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Falcon Player For The Pi - 0.4.0 Beta Released

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by mykroft, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. mykroft

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    Sep 29, 2010
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    The Falcon Pi Player v0.4.0 is now officially available for download via SourceForge.net. Thanks to all of those who helped
    us test by downloading the beta-test SD images.

    The new v0.4.0 image is available for download directly at https://sourceforge.net/projects/falconpiplayer/files/latest/download

    Changes in v0.4.0 include:

    * Support for Raspberry Pi models B and B+

    * Updated NOOBS to version v1.3.10

    * MultiSync feature
    - Sequence synchronization between multiple FPP instances (Master/Remote)
    - Auto-discovery of other FPP instances on the network

    * Ability to change the hostname via the FPP UI

    * GPIO Input triggers (native GPIO and PiFace Digital I/O board)
    - Supports both Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts

    * Date-based scheduling
    - Schedule playlists to only run within certain date ranges
    - ie, one playlist for Feb 14, another for July 4, another for Dec 1-31

    * Event Control Channels UI
    - Allows triggering events via data in your sequence file

    * Memory Mapped Channel Blocks
    - Allows direct channel data manipulation before output to lights
    - FPP::MemoryMap Perl Module
    - fppwss Web Socket Server
    - Matrixtools plugin for dynamic text or drawing with a mouse on a matrix

    * Falcon hardware compatibility
    - Add support for pass-through of configuration data to Falcon hardware
    - Auto-detection of Falcon hardware (running newer firmware) attached to SPI port

    * Minor enhancements
    - Setting to force analog audio output during video playback
    - Performance optimizations
    - ChangeLog viewer
    - Simplify log configuration UI
    - WS2801 channel output extended to support 1530 channels
    - E1.31 bridge mode now has consistent output frame rate not tied to input packet rate

    * Multi-platform preparations to allow future support on non-Pi devices

    * Bug Fixes
    - E1.31 bridge mode with both WiFi and Ethernet in use
    - UI fixes (playlist editor, scheduler, etc.)
    - Renard Output code
    - Plugin callback code
    - Disabled power management on WiFi interface to fix dropouts
    - Auto-detection of fallback IP to work around IP conflict

    NOTE: For those who downloaded the v0.4.0 beta images previously, you may want to update to the release v0.4.0 images which track the v0.4.0 release code branch. The beta images are setup to track the stage branch and will start receiving code updates that are not meant for the v0.4.0 release as we prep for the next release in early October.

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