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Falcon Player (FPP) 2.7 is now released

Discussion in 'Falcon (Pi) Player' started by AAH, May 5, 2019.

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    I saw over on Falcon Christmas that dkulp announced FPP2.7 is now available. It does a lot more good stuff than earlier builds especially the 1.x builds.

    New Features:
    • Bootup enhancements:
      • Based on latest OS releases. 2019-04-08-raspbian-stretch-lite for the Pi and bone-debian-9.9-console-armhf-2019-04-28 for the BeagleBones. (requires re-imaging)
      • New "Boot Delay" advanced setting for systems that startup too fast and network isn't fully available.
      • Faster boot by separating various FPP services into separate systemd services that can run in parallel.
    • New plugin management screen and supporting code. Plugins themselves can provide much of the metadata that used be in FPP's repo
    • I2C OLED display support
      • Supports SSD1306 (both 64x128 and 32x128 sizes) and SH1106 OLED's
      • Default display shows network information, FPPD status, and information about currently playing sequence/media
      • For new Capes, can use EEPROM information to provide push button actions for menus, tests, sensor information, etc..
    • VirtualDisplay and Virtual Matrix Enchancements:
      • Add ability to show a background image in the Virtual Display
      • Add support for 16bpp framebuffers in both channel outputs
    • Allow capes that only provide certain functionality to "hide" functionality they don't provide.
    • New "Cycle" test modes on Display Testing page
    • Input/Output updates
      • LED Panels page supports flipping from "front view" to "back view".
      • Add "Universe count" for e1.31 input/output to easily define large numbers of universes that need to go to the same place.
      • Add support to configure internal pullups for GPIO inputs
    • Playlist/Scheduler updates:
      • New "Image" playlist entry to display a static image on the HDMI output
      • New sunset/sunrise options (need to set longitude and latitude)
      • Add "Even/Odd" settings for scheduler
    • MultiSync/Discovery updates:
      • Much faster loading of MultiSync UI page. No longer uses AVAHI by default.
      • Remove entries from internal cache if not seen for more than an hour.
      • Much faster discovery API's for xLights to use
    • REST API updates:
      • Status response now contains sensor readings (temperature/voltage). Displayed on OLED and status page.
      • API for inserting items into Playlists
      • New API for PixelOverlays so no need to use the Perl API
      • New API for Models
      • New REST API for managing/installing plugins
      • New REST API for querying available sequences
      • New REST API for querying cape information
    • MQTT updates:
      • support for stopNow and stopGraceful
      • bunch of new topics for manipulating playlists
    • BBB specific:
      • Don't configure all the pins for GPIO output on boot (faster boot). Configure when needed.
      • Allow BBB string capes to use both PRU's to optimize output if DMX/Pixelnet is not needed
      • Allow loading of cape port -> GPIO/Pin mapping from Cape EEPROM
      • Support for a newly discovered 1:4 P10 panel with a new interleave setting.
    • Pi specific:
      • Update rpi_ws281x library to new version to support Pi 3A+
      • GPIO input page lists all the proper wiring pi pins.
      • Support for "spixel" library for controlling APA102/LPD6803/WS2801 pixels from multiple outputs
    Bug Fixes:
    • Hide files that start with a . from playlist editor
    • Hide 169.254.* IP's from FPP systems list (invalid)
    • Fix some cases where omxplayer existing causing crashes
    • Don't show ttyUSB0 as potential serial output if it doesn't exist
    • Flash to eMMC is not available if filesystem has been expanded
    • Fix start channel auto-set between BBB string grouped sections
    • Fix problems if eseq start channel is 0
    • Fix some problems trying to configure various types of RTC's
    • Fixes some problems with special characters in WIFI networks and passwords
    • Fixes some problems with special characters in playlists
    Upgrade Instructions:
    If you have a system running 2.4-2.6, you can go to the FPP about page (about.php) and click on the "Manual Update" button. At that point, a big green "Upgrade" bar should appear. You will get all the improvements above except those marked with the "requires re-imaging" notes on the release note for all the versions is upgrading through. Note: there are a LOT of changes in this release. The "Upgrade" button will take several minutes. BeagleBones should take about 15 minutes. Newer Pi 3's are about 10 minutes. Single core Pi's may take over 30 minutes.

    Images are found at: https://github.com/FalconChristmas/fpp/releases/tag/2.7
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