First year of pixels - controller choices


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Dec 31, 2013
Freddy, given I'm a visual person and the layout you provided witters is awesome, would mind mocking up my display on how you would wire it with a F16v3 from the garage?
Sure, but again, without much actual detail I can't guarantee this is just going to work; you're going to need to do some power calculations and test your voltage drop.

I've colour coded the diagram for you as it was hard to layout in one colour :)

Output 1: Starts at the right side of the smaller garage wall, goes across top, out into the far-left spinner, out spinner in to the left side of the garage, then into the left driveway.

Output 2: Starts at the right side of the larger garage wall, out of this into far-right spinner, across top of large garage, into middle spinner, down into left of large garage.

Output 3: Starts at path, goes around arch and back down driveway.

Output 4: Does your arches/mini trees

Output 5: Front garage gutters

Output 6: Does front peak, right gutter and window.

I have the F16 to the right of the large garage due to the density of the props you have to the right of your display. 12v would be 'easier' due to less power injection needed, but you may need multiple power supplies as more power is used as compared to the same number of 5v nodes. 5v nodes would need more power injection. Port 1 would need have a longer lead-in wire if you still plan to use that larger garage; you'd have to string this along the top of the door opening or something. Same goes for the minitrees/arches - you need to cross the path somehow.

Not sure if you're going to have differential receivers or not.

As per my mock up, there's only 6 outputs in use, and you have 16; you could easily break up some of my 'chains' here and connect them to a different port (ie the arches / trees could each connect to their own F16 port) but you will need more wiring. This will probably mean less power injection required, but again I don't know who you're planning to wire any of this up :)

I hope this hasn't confused you (or anyone else for that matter). There's many ways to skin this cat, mock up how you feel it would work best for your house and post it up here (or under your own thread) for others to review.



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Jan 2, 2020
Wow bro, you are the man! I wouldn't have thought of wiring like that but seeing your explanation and diagram, makes sense. Below is a break down, if it makes any difference.

Approx width from left side of home to the right is 55 ft.
Roofline is approx 252 pixels
Doorway is approx 78 pixels
Garage outline is approx 208 pixels
Driveway path is approx 296 pixels, 25ft from garage to sidewalk
Window outline is approx 84 pixels
Mini Trees approx 216 for all four
Arches approx 200 pixels for all four
Stars approx 150 pixels for all three