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FPP 2.0 - Using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Discussion in 'Falcon (Pi) Player' started by LawrenceDriveLights, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. LawrenceDriveLights

    LawrenceDriveLights Apprentice Elf

    Jan 16, 2018
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    As most are probably aware there is 2.0 version of FPP available

    There is heaps of great info about FPP on the Falcon Christmas Forum

    Anyway I thought I might do a quick post and about a things I noticed as a new FPP user.

    I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    Dan Kulp has provided great installations instructions here

    I followed these instructions and FPP loaded very quickly on the Rasp Pi and I was able to access FPP by simply typing fpp into my browser.

    I then set my Network settings as required.

    So all was looking good.

    I wanted to try and use the Rasp pi / FPP set up without having to use a USB memory stick to save the fsq & audio files on (as per the previous FPP versions) as I had read that it was possible to now store these on the micro sd card.

    So I had a look in the FPP settings to view the storage device (Status Control/FPP settings).
    I noticed the External Storage Device had the SD card listed but only 0.7GB free.
    I was using a 16GB micro sd card.

    So a quick look on the falcon Christmas page Dan provided the following info on how to make use of the full sd card storage.

    Go to
    FPP/Status Control/FPP Settings
    Then select Advanced Settings
    InkedFPP 2.0 increase storage size on sd card - 150918_LI.jpg

    Then use "Grow Filesystem" follow prompts and you are good to go and you will have the remaining size of your SD card to store your files on.

    InkedFPP 2.0 increase storage size on sd card - grow filesystem 150918_LI.jpg

    I was then able to upload my fsq & audio files in to FPP and have them saved directly on the SD card (No need for a USB memory stick).

    So a big thanks to Dan and others for this update to FPP.
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  2. Bryan H

    Bryan H Bryan H Generous Elf

    Feb 15, 2017
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    Great stuff, I just put 2.0 on my Pi and was wanting to run everything of the sdcard as well. Thanks for the update, saved me looking on the falcom forums.

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