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Jan 3, 2014
Reno, Nevada
I am Natale Angolo (Christmas Corner in Italian) and this is my second year doing a Christmas light show. I really enjoy it. The first year lights were simply hung and sequenced in about six days. Do to power availability I could only have 1 16 channel LOR controller. This year the lights are all LED (expect the yellow couldn't find locally). I can now double the controllers to 2 and the 2014 show will have 32 channels. One thing I did learn this year is a show is about the elements in it. 2013 saw the lights on a wall from the city of Bethlehem, It was okay I was pleased but not a lot of elements. the plan for 2014 is to build a small desert frontier town with a house, city street, sheriff/jail and church with additional elements. It will be fun to create. I am working on videos from this year. There are some posted on You Tube if you search Natale Angolo 2012 or Natale Angolo 2013. Always enjoys how others think I did. Someone told me last year that if you are happy with the show then that is what it is about.



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Oct 18, 2011
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Welcome aboard.. This is a great place to ask your questions and be sure to go through the wiki and forum as there is a wealth of information there.