Hello from Boston, Ma.

Tony Salgado

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Dec 8, 2018
We are from a little town, called Acushnet, 50 miles south of Boston. 13yrs ago i attempted outlining our home and misc with traditional lights. At the time, i only had 1 day off w/3 weeks till Christmas and rain, rain, rain in the forecast. I had previously purchased all the lights, but now because 2 weeks of incoming rain, I also needed to buy rain gear, aaand i figured renting a manlift for the day would speed things up. All dressed up loaded w/lights/clips, you name it on the manlift, fired up that diesel motor, moved the joystick to maneuver/position the lift around the house on the grass and down it goes! The more i moved the joystick, the more it sank! Four guys w/shovels & everything else wouldn't get it out of the now mud! If my backyard wasn't a disaster area enough, i had to call a tow truck aaand of course not an everyday tow truck, had to be an 18 wheeler tow truck.. Never looked at dressing up the house again.
Fast forward 13yrs, my kids are 15 & 12.. aand this year guess what they really wanted?? You got it, "we should do light on the house daddy" which i always and attempted to do in the past, lol.. Well, we did it WITHOUT a manlift! lol...
All our previous new lights were now old tech in original box. Boxes said can only connect up to 3 strings etc.. so I purchased all LEDs this year...C9's for the house outline & walkway, the GE Color Choice nets for all the bushes (10+/-), a few colored mini LED's and 6 colored LED spotlights.
I almost pulled the trigger on the Light O'Rama Showtime a couple weeks ago. Watching videos and now wanting to add some twinkle and music, here I am! We decided that in 2019 we are going to switch to mostly if not all pixels, maybe incorporate some of my new LED's?? maybe not. Other than traditional lights, we don't have any of this stuff around here that I know of.. So my kids came up with the idea of having a Christmas show next year, giving out some hot chocolate n cookies, and the only requirement would be to bring an "unwrapped toy" so they can give to our local "Toys 4 Tots" for kids that are less fortunate.. I'm leaning toward Falcon w/Xlights?? still learning, that's why I'm here.. I want to buy the right equipment, hopefully 1 time w/room for growth..
Damn! sorry about this long long intro.. lol, you did say to "tell us a little about yourself" lollol tyty


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Dec 27, 2014
Buellton California
Welcome to ACL Tony! Quite the story you have there... I think I would've been a little over it too. Sounds like you're on the right path with Falcon and Xlights! The ACL 101 manual is a must read. https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/auschristmaslighting-101-manual.1889/ Drop by chat and ask away if you have questions. Lots of helpful people here. We do a toy drive too. My kids hand out candy canes and do hot chocolate and cookies as well. Best of luck!