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    The AusChristmasLighting 101 manual is released for download to all
    registered ACL members
    This manual is a guidence to the introduction and setup of different types of
    computer controlled Christmas displays that many of the members here have used. This is by no means a complete list of different parts and systems available but instead those that are commonly used by many ACL members
    It is highly recommended that if your new to the hobby or certain parts of the
    hobby that you download this informative manual

    Conditions of this download is that it will not be distributed anywhere else but from this thread on the ACL server as all updates will be posted through here. Links to this location are acceptable.

    Current Revision: 2nd Revision - 13/9/14

    101 manual Rev2d

    Note: You need to be registered and logged in to be able to download this file

    Information and comments regarding this manual can be posted at :

    The subject matter discussed within this manual is listed as below:



    Typical System Components Required

    Christmas Lights
    IP ratings of lights
    Christmas Light Types
    Incandescent Lights
    LED Lights
    LED Types
    Low Voltage LED Light Control
    Mains Voltage LED Light Control
    RGB Lights
    RGB LED Types
    RGB LED Packages
    RGB Flood Lights and Spot Lights
    RGB Light Strings
    RGB Light String Types
    RGB Strip Light
    RGB Strip Light Types
    RGB strip Light Mounting
    RGB Modules
    RGB Light Control
    Dumb RGB Light Control
    Intelligent RGB Light Control
    Intelligent RGB Light IC Types
    RGB Light Choices
    Dumb RGB Lights (No IC)
    3 Channel Dumb RGB Strip Light
    3 Channel Dumb RGB Strings
    3 Channel Dumb RGB Modules
    Intelligent RGB Lights (with IC)
    Intelligent RGB Strip
    Intelligent RGB Strings
    Intelligent RGB Modules
    RGB Flood & Spot Lights

    Sequencing Software
    Sequencing Software Used
    LightShow Pro
    Light-O-Rama (LOR)

    Communications Interfaces
    Communication Interfaces Used
    Light-O-Rama Layout
    DMX512 Layout
    E1.31 Considerations
    E1.31 layout

    Power Supplies
    Electrical safety
    Electrical safety Tips
    Power Supplies
    AC Mains Power Supplies
    Low Voltage AC Power
    Low Voltage DC Power
    Selecting the correct Sized power Supply
    DC Power Supply Choices
    Selecting the Correct Sized Cable
    Overcoming Voltage Drop
    Cable Choices
    Plug Choices
    Injecting Power
    Single Power Supply
    Multiple Power Supplies

    AC Controllers
    AC Controller Choices
    Low Voltage DC Controllers
    Low Voltage Dc Controller Choices
    Pixel Controllers
    Pixel Controller Connections and Layout
    Pixel Controller Choices
    DMX Pixel Controller Choices
    E1.31 Pixel Controller Choices
    Protocol Bridge Controllers
    Protocol Bridge Choices
    Servo Controllers
    Servo Controller Choices

    Basic Layout Examples

    FM Radio Transmitters
    FM Radio Transmitters
    FM Radio Antennas
    Setting Up Audio
    FM Radio Transmitter Choices

    Ordering From China
    General Tools & Disposables

    General Tools
    Supplement Layout Diagram
    E1.31 & DMX Layout Diagram
    References and Links

    The ACL management hope that this manual helps you get started towards a magical
    computer controlled Christmas display and involvement within a community of
    freindly and helpful members. we hope to see you soon :)

    The ACL Management team

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    Re: AusChristmasLighting 101 Manual - Updated release now for download

    The AusChristmasLighting 101 Manual revision 1 is now released for download

    The name and front cover have been changed in this revision and the manual is now not called the dummies manual but instead the 101 manual. The additions to this manual make it well worth the download

    Changes to this manual include
    • Addition of a word definitions section
    • Addition of parts and equipment used section
    • Power Injection
    • Addition of DMX and E1.31 detailed layout diagram
    • List of subjects within manual now have internal hyperlinks for easy navigation
    • A new name and front cover
    • Many fixes and improvements
    I hope you enjoy this new released version of the ACL manual
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