1. DMX2-24 & ESP32 Controller Build

    DMX2-24 & ESP32 Controller Build

    In this video I explain how my DMX2-24 string controller box is built, including the custom E1.31 to DMX board works.
  2. LJKMC

    Smart-ifying legacy 1 colour christmas lighting with E1.31

    Hi guys. This is my first year with lighting "shows" as for many years I have had standard Bunnings dumb led's. BORING. This year I wanted to spruce it up a bit so I purchased an AlphaPix Flex controller and tons of WS2811 strips and strings to replace my existing lights. I've replaced about 80%...
  3. Pixel strip in school production.

    Pixel strip in school production.

    School production 2021. Controlled by a Chamsys MQ60 sending sACN to a Falcon48 and differential receivers.
  4. NFI

    Xlights to LOR Pixcon16

    In the last few years I have been running LOR Pixcon 16 boards to run my pixels and all has been good. I have now had a look at the XLights software and looks like I might jump ship, my question to all is 1: Does Xlights output a DMX signal or a E1:31 signal 2: In my show I will be running a FPP...
  5. J

    Please help - FPP Channel Outputs / Issues

    Hi All, Hope everyone's displays are up and running nicely - mine however, is not. I started out in the pixel game this year, and decided to start small. I'm running a Pi3B+ with FPP loaded (just updated to 2.5 this evening). I'm also running a PiCap -...
  6. TastyHamSandwich

    FPP Won't Run Scheduler/Play Playlist Until I Plug Ethernet In

    Greetings, everyone! So I've got something of a unique issue in front of me, suddenly. I haven't seen this problem in the past, but I've so far been unable to roll back to a version of FPP that doesn't do this to me. I warn you now of the wall of text that is coming up, so skip to the bottom...
  7. B

    Answered Link to e1.31 Standard

    Following is link to ESTA / ANSI Standard for E1.31 http://tsp.esta.org/tsp/documents/docs/E1-31-2016.pdf
  8. Sydney Mini 2017 - E1.31 Controller Networking

    Sydney Mini 2017 - E1.31 Controller Networking

    Presented by keithsw1111. What is a typical E1.31 controller show network? How can you bridge together a separate controller network with your regular home network using a Raspberry Pi running Falcon Player?
  9. djgra79

    unicast vs multicast & ideal network setup

    I'm sure this could have been covered before, and it may even be a case of Ford Vs Holden (Kia man now myself btw) but looking for feedback on broadcasting your show via unicast vs multicast. As discussed at the Melb Mini this year, it was pointed out that for larger channel count shows...
  10. Adelaide Mini 2015 - E1.31 Networking Tips

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - E1.31 Networking Tips

    Presented by AussiePhil for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 2. Multicast versus Unicast. Wifi or Wired Networks? Do you need the features of a router or is a sw...
  11. fasteddy

    AusChristmasLighting 101 Manual

    The AusChristmasLighting 101 manual is released for download for all registered site members. This manual provides guidence to the introduction and setup of different types of computer controlled Christmas displays that many of the members here have used. It is by no means a complete list of...