1. Johnno

    Closed YPS New and Improved Pixels Available for Bulk-Buy in Australia

    Hi Everyone, The team here at Ink Creations are pleased to announce our partnership with Your Pixel Store has expanded and now flowing into Australia. We are now importing Your Pixel Store's new and improved YPS Bullet pixel for sale here in Australia. We are currently taking Pre-orders and...
  2. How to Second Layout in xLights

    How to Second Layout in xLights

    Finally went true the documentation process of how to properly create a second layout in xLights and still use all my controllers ports and channels. It's pretty simple. Instructions also point how to change your permanent show folder and some organizational tips.
  3. D

    Newbie in Virginia

    I've got a ton of incandescent lights now but want to get in to RGB pixels for next year. I'm trying to learn as much as I can so I'm ready to start buying after the holiday. Hopefully then the prices will drop as demand drops. I'm open for any pointers or sites that sale quality products...
  4. D

    Starting out questions..

    I currently run standard c9 style lights and I am looking to upgrade for the 2019 Christmas Season, I’m attaching photos of my current setup, I am using a total of 13 25ft lights with I either 6 or 12 inch spacing, I would like to run the same setup but with smart RGB bulb style lighting and...
  5. C

    Hello from Eagle ID. I have been bitten by the RGB bug

    Hello All, I have gotten bitten by the RGB lighting bug. I think I jumped in with both feet. I started my journey just about 2 weeks ago. I have 6000 Pixels on order from Ray. They will be here next week. Almost a week after Thanksgiving and I’m building like mad. I’m gonna start with 1 18...
  6. OzAz

    10W 12V RGB Spot/Floods - Modification

    @David_AVD is a genius and very helpful. Was looking for some small 12V spot/floods for Halloween props and David suggested something like these: 10W 12V RGB I got the black ones so they wouldn't stand out as much at night. David also put me on to his post about these on his site. Basically...
  7. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Light Types: from Pixels to LED Panels

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Light Types: from Pixels to LED Panels

    Presented by darylc. Forms of pixels (strip, modules and strings/nodes) and led panel sizes.
  8. B

    xTremeSequences Introduces Mapping and Consultation Services!

    Hello Australia!!!! I have been busy helping many in the US with mapping and custom sequences, not to mention my existing sequences in my store. Last year when I first posted sequences for sale in this forum it was really quiet and thought maybe this is a no-no so I focused my efforts in the...
  9. fasteddy

    AusChristmasLighting 101 Manual

    The AusChristmasLighting 101 manual is released for download for all registered site members. This manual provides guidence to the introduction and setup of different types of computer controlled Christmas displays that many of the members here have used. It is by no means a complete list of...