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Daniel Rigg

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Dec 4, 2018
I currently run standard c9 style lights and I am looking to upgrade for the 2019 Christmas Season, I’m attaching photos of my current setup, I am using a total of 13 25ft lights with I either 6 or
12 inch spacing, I would like to run the same setup but with smart RGB bulb style lighting and possibly 4 leaping arches to start creating lights with music. I don’t know where to begin as the wikis and forums confuse me. I’m tech savvy and know once I get what I need I won’t have an issue, I just don’t know where to begin at. I hope I’m posting in the correct place, any help at where to begin as to what I need to purchase would be great. Thanks!

It would not let me upload but I have my roof and gutters outlined in c9 lights current
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Apr 26, 2010
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Welcome to ACL, as uncledan has said start with the ACL 101 manual, there is also a wealt of information in the forum and the wiki and the guys are always very helpful with any questions both in the forum and in the chat room


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Dec 29, 2015
Hi Daniel and welcome to ACL.
If your tech savvy and happy to connect circuit boards to power supplies and cables then a Falcon Controller is the most popular controller on here, check the wiki and check some of the build how-to videos
xLights is the most popular software, you can download that anytime, take a photo of your house for the background and then play around with layouts.
@AAH sells a circuit board that maybe able to control your existing lights so you can sequence them too.

PS. I think you have to make 2 or 3 posts before you're allowed to attach photos