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  1. B

    Newbie wanting to start

    Hi all, Im after some solid advice on where to start with all this as i have been interested in int for a while now. I have been trolling the forum for setup guides and examples on where to start etc and have had some major insight reference power injection, though the electrical side worries me...
  2. NTKing(Brad)

    That moment when you are all alone

  3. T

    1st Display - Please Help Me

    Hey All, First time poster and first time displayer. Been a huge Christmas light fan but have only just moved into our own home after renting. Wanting to frame the roof line, garage and windows. Just wondering if I can get ideas on the best products and more importantly how to do people hide...
  4. S

    Dead to Death Pixels

    I'm newly returning to seek help. Looking through the forums, I can't tell you how impressed I am with all the opportunities here. I am disabled, therefore poor, and in desperate need of assistance. The question: outside of obviously burned to death pixels, can I test 12V 12mm led pixels with...
  5. M

    HELP: Candy Cane Lights

    Hi there, I have recently changed from Vixen to X-Lights, on Vixen i created a custom two light layered set of candy canes (25 up, 25 down, per cane) but now moving to X-Lights I can't seem to work out how to do the same thing on here, as they only allow one layer when I have attempted to set...
  6. D

    Starting out questions..

    I currently run standard c9 style lights and I am looking to upgrade for the 2019 Christmas Season, I’m attaching photos of my current setup, I am using a total of 13 25ft lights with I either 6 or 12 inch spacing, I would like to run the same setup but with smart RGB bulb style lighting and...
  7. Matthew Thompson

    HELP - BBB Wont power up

    Morning all, I have programmed my MSD card and set my octoscroller up a few weeks back. I was able to log into the BB via the USB cable. This morning i hooked everything up to my P10 panels and turned it on and the BBB has no LED lights at all. Roaming through Google and have tried flashing the...
  8. A

    Hello from Glen Ellyn, IL

    Hello everyone. Am completely new to this. I have zero experience. I have been watching videos for months. I just finished reading the 101 guide. I bought a few strands of smart pixels, a falcon controller, and a power supply (probably prematurely). I am a bit overwhelmed with the computer side...
  9. NTKing(Brad)

    If I knew then what I know now....

    After watching the videos from the Adelaide 2017 mini by @Fing and @BradsXmasLights I have been thinking about what tips others can add, given members are starting to concentrate on Halloween, Thanks Giving (for the US members), and of course, Christmas. Obvious ones are switch it off and on...