DMX/Snow Machine


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Jan 14, 2021
So i'm getting a "no ports available" message in xlights for a snow machine i'm trying to run straight from the RS485 output on my hinks pix controller. Which makes sense considering the pull down in xlights have COM1-9 and \\.\COM10-20 and i have no idea what any of that means. does anyone have ANY clue how to get this controller to talk to this machine (which has DMX on board). Thanks!


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Dec 30, 2018
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HinksPix controller is an ethernet based controller, you shouldn't be setting up DMX through serial communication in xLights.
Serial communication in xLights is referring to serial ports on your computer, like USB.

So, delete serial communication device in xLights. Just have your Hinks Pix setup as an ethernet controller. Make sure it's working with pixels too.
In your layout you'll set a DMX device.
In the visualiser you set the snow machine to the serial output (this is the serial output on the Hinks Pix).

I do not have one of these controllers to know the exact setup from now onwards:
In the controllers setting, there should be an option someone to set an in coming universe from E1.31 to output to the serial port.

Say for example: Universes 1-20 are for pixels. The controller should already be configured to take these incoming universes and output to the pixels.
Let's add universe 21, in the controller we'll say this is not intended for pixel data, so send to the serial output port.

I suggest hopping into Zoom and asking there, I have no clue on Hinks Pix setup of this.