1. DMX2-24 & ESP32 Controller Build

    DMX2-24 & ESP32 Controller Build

    In this video I explain how my DMX2-24 string controller box is built, including the custom E1.31 to DMX board works.
  2. L

    Starting the basics and need a point in the right direction

    Hi, first time poster and looking to start the light show worm hole in 2024, I currently have a large stock of Bunnings style 2 wire string lights and am waiting to have some of these incorporated in the first year. I have been looking at / recommended the Hansen Electronics Dmx2-24 Ready to...
  3. complexmind

    Does anybody actually have DMX working on a Kulp K16A-B?

    Hey folks. Great info here. This is my first year with automated lighting and my first post. I’m struggling to get DMX working using xlights, a Kulp K16A-B and a Chauvet DMX dimmer pack. As far as I am able to tell FPP is setup correctly, xlights is setup correctly, the DMX cable is connected...
  4. flipflopfury

    DMX/Snow Machine

    So i'm getting a "no ports available" message in xlights for a snow machine i'm trying to run straight from the RS485 output on my hinks pix controller. Which makes sense considering the pull down in xlights have COM1-9 and \\.\COM10-20 and i have no idea what any of that means. does anyone have...
  5. M

    Large scale DMX controlled setup

    Hi there, I should start off by saying I'm in the deep here. I've never done this before and have very little knowledge, so I'm asking here if what I've learned makes any sense and what would be your advice for handling a setup this big ? I'm building a massive light installation with a total...
  6. OzAz

    DMX Wistbands - review and tutorial

    Attached document (word docx or pdf) is my review of the DMX RF Wristbands (Bracelets) as seen on facebook and at the Sydney mini. The document also contains a tutorial for using multiple groups of wristbands. A video of them in action, using setup and effects as shown in the document will...
  7. NFI

    Xlights to LOR Pixcon16

    In the last few years I have been running LOR Pixcon 16 boards to run my pixels and all has been good. I have now had a look at the XLights software and looks like I might jump ship, my question to all is 1: Does Xlights output a DMX signal or a E1:31 signal 2: In my show I will be running a FPP...
  8. David_AVD

    Wi-Fi Pixel / DMX Controllers

    Another board I've made recently uses the ESP-01 wi-fi module to provide a pixel or DMX output. It runs the most excellent ESPixelStick firmware. Pricing is not yet finalised. Here's a temporary product page. The pixel and DMX versions will have different part numbers. The pixel version has...
  9. David_AVD

    CAT5e Cables & Joiners

    I now have stock of a few different length CAT5e cables in the da-Share shop. Some of them are very short which makes them ideal for linking controllers (DMX or Ethernet) in the same enclosure. Something else that may interest people with DMX boards are the RJ45 joiners and splitters with...
  10. OzAz

    DMX Channels - are gaps OK

    Would there be any issues to have 'gaps' in channel numbers for DMX devices? Apart from a minor (?) overhead in xml file for channels not used, is there any other issue I should be aware of? example: device 1 = ch 1-8 device 2 = ch 9-16 device 3 = ch 17-25 device 4 = ch 26-32 device 5 = ch...