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CAT5e Cables & Joiners

Discussion in 'Audio Visual Devices (da-Share)' started by David_AVD, Jan 31, 2018.

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    I now have stock of a few different length CAT5e cables in the da-Share shop. Some of them are very short which makes them ideal for linking controllers (DMX or Ethernet) in the same enclosure.

    Something else that may interest people with DMX boards are the RJ45 joiners and splitters with female connectors on all ports.

    The splitter is a 3-way unit with all pins wired in parallel (unlike an Ethernet splitter). You can use it to tee-off the DMX feed to a controller instead of daisy chaining via the unit's 2nd RJ45. While this is not a standard practice with DMX, it works just fine when the length of the tee is relatively short.

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