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Hello! I am new...and in need of help re: Minleon Mini Controller.

Discussion in 'New Members Say Hello' started by Welshy, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Welshy

    Welshy New Elf

    Oct 18, 2017
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    Hello good people of ACL! I have been a lurking reader of this site for a few years...funnily enough, finding myself coming back about this time every year. : )

    This year I have entered the world of RGB. But I've quickly hit a wall, and would appreciate some advice/help from anyone who has experience with the Minleon Mini Controller and sequencing.

    A bit of background: I live in an apartment and decorate the balcony railings/gutters (until now) with a long string of static LED C9's (about 300 lights I think). A simple setup, but I've loved the old-fashioned festive look it has. I've just recently I purchased some nice kit from Minleon AUS: 100 RGB pixels and a Mini Controller. I like the effects, but now have a desire to customise a few of them if possible...and this is where I'm stuck. According to the Minleon Mini Controller manual, at least one custom effect can be saved to the unit (it doesn't say whether one or more).

    I would like to have the following effects:
    1. Wide Rainbow effect, but only using Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
    2. Twinkle effect, but only using Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
    The Mini Controller has both of these effects, but with the full colour range. I'd prefer only having RGYB for Christmas lights. Not a big deal, but am interesting in pursuing if possible.

    The questions I have are:
    1. Has anyone been able to 'connect' the Mini Controller to software other than Lightshow Pro? (Windows 7)
    I should say here, I'm not opposed to buying LSP. However, I'd like to check whether 'free' software like xLights would work with the controller. Or, if LSP is required or simply easier to work with the controller, that it will definitely connect and do what I'm thinking of. I've also tried installing the new Beta LSP just released - however I'm not sure I can connect to the Mini Controller....which brings me to Ques 2...

    2. I've had difficulty installing the triklit.inf driver manually (required for the Mini Controller) with Windows 7. Do I still need to manually install a driver with LSP or other software?
    I followed the directions as supplied, and it appears Windows has accepted the driver file. However, Windows now produces a 'Code 10 error' which states the device is unable to start. I haven't been able to find a way past this.

    3. For simplicity sake, will it be possible to copy and/or edit the Mini Controller effects?
    Sorry if this is a totally uneducated question. I have zero experience with sequencing software, aside from reading LSP and XLights manuals, and watching some youtube tutorials....and right now am still quite clueless.
    I was hoping that either:
    • I could import the Mini Controller effects, edit the colours, and save it back to the controller as a custom effect. Or...
    • Use some existing effect modules/templates (assuming such things exist for basic effects?), defining the colours, and save it to the controller as a customer effect.
    Sorry for the huge post! And please feel free to send any advice - I am open to anything and everything.
    Thanks, Rhett.
  2. keithsw1111

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    Oct 11, 2012
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    I know xlights supports their network effects controller. Not so sure about the mini controller.

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